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Use Cases

Andrew Wilkinson

"There's all these cool products on Product Hunt but most of them fizzle. A lot of the time the developer doesn't understand how to market and grow something. I often think it would be smart to go through Product Hunt, go back 6+ months, and just look at the coolest stuff that came out and then start approaching all these developers and say: "look I'll give you 5 grand". To them, they're like "This is useless to me, I've already shut it down, I don't want to pay for hosting". But for you it could be a $5 million business."

Andrew Wilkinson

My First Million podcast

Nathan Latka

"I look at 15-20 deals a month. Companies to buy. But I’m super cheap, so I’m always deal hunting. Love it when a Chrome extension hasn’t been updated in 12+ months, it usually means I can get a deal. $1000 to get a beautiful Chrome extension for example. (Just don’t compete on any of my deals!)"

Nathan Latka

Latka SaaS podcast

Recent Feedback

Norbert Hüthmayr

"I bought a project on Flippa last year when prices were good and turned it around to $10k MRR. As someone who is looking for my next acquisition I just want to say - I LOVE THIS PROJECT!"

Norbert Hüthmayr


Charlie Ward

"Unloved Project is an amazing resource for finding great acquisition opportunities, happy to be a paying customer."

Charlie Ward


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every project featured is a real project. Some may have become inactive and are marked as such.

No. Contact information is only featured where it is ethical to do so (ie, where the maker has already chosen to share this info publically) and is only available to Pro users. If you are interested in a project but there are no contact details then you might have to do a little more digging. We can also help Pro users to contact the maker should they wish.

To avoid confusion all items are marked accordingly. We make no guarantee that items marked in this manner are currently for sale.

A lot of time has been taken to refine data to make it as useful as possible. As just one example, Chrome extensions with less than 3 star ratings overall are not included. Also, projects making very high levels of MRR are not included since it's highly unlikely these will be available for acquisition by most people (unless you happen to be Elon Musk). The objective of the data here is to identify high-potential projects that can be turned around without a huge initial outlay.

New items are added weekly to hidden gems and periodically to the other sections.

Every endeavour is made to ensure all data is as accurate as possible. However, Unloved Project is a research tool and not a live monitoring tool. If you have a time sensitive use case this is probably not the right tool for you.

This is not a traditional marketplace. We will reach out to our exclusive network of 300+ high-profile investors. When someone is interested in your item we will connect you directly to the potential buyer. This feature is for Pro users only.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without having to send an email request. You can still use the service until the end of your current billing period.

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