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Andrew Wilkinson

"A lot of the time the developer just doesn't understand how to market and grow something."

Andrew Wilkinson

My First Million podcast

Nathan Latka

"Love it when a Chrome extension hasn’t been updated in 12+ months, it usually means I can get a deal."

Nathan Latka

Latka SaaS podcast


Norbert Hüthmayr

"As someone who is looking for my next acquisition I just want to say I love this project!"

Norbert Hüthmayr


Charlie Ward

"Unloved Project is an amazing resource for finding great acquisition opportunities, happy to be a paying customer."

Charlie Ward



No. It's very different. Unloved Project is primarily a research tool.

Many acquisitions have been done by people reaching out directly to the founder. This site facilitates that process.

Only when they are shared publicly. See our cold email templates and resources for how to make a successful introduction to project makers.

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