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Founder Stories

Top Growth Strategies 📈 from Indie founders (that actually worked)

Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign that Made $15k In 28 Hours

Pre-Launch, Email Marketing, Instagram, Giveaway, Content, LinkedIn, Medium, Facebook, Kickstarter


From $0 to $323,010.43 in 14 months

Video, Communities, Ads, Monetization, Content, Facebook, Surveys, Landing Page, Funnel


50+ eBook pre-sales ($383 made)

Pre-Launch, Digital Products, Validation, Pricing


$110k in two weeks after launch

Digital Products, Pre-Launch, Twitter


How Shopify Increased Revenue 90% in 365 Days

Giveaway, Hype, Content, Funnel, Affiliates, Paid, SEO, Twitter


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